A few words about the festival

Festival En ville ! (In town !)

A documentary film festival about our territories, their imaginary, and those who inhabit and/or bring them to life. Every street corner is an opportunity to meet new ones.

A multifaceted festival, a place of various discoveries for those open to the surprises of the “cinéma du réel”.

About us

The Festival En ville ! is organized by Le P’tit ciné - Regards sur les Docs. This organisation, led by Pauline David, the Artistic Director, supports documentary screenings in art-house theatres and their audience developments. Showing films and engaging the audience into debates are our main missions, and our programming activities are to meet both a demand for artistic quality and the pleasure of the spectator.

Our association is a mobile structure. We do not have our own theatre, hence we have been working from day one with several partners with whom we put our projects together.